Private Cloud Automation with VMware vRealize Automation

As organizations strive to deliver services in a fast and more efficient manner, newer technologies such as virtualization are being introduced. VMware vRealize Automation is a software product that helps administrators to provide custom IT services in a more efficient manner. Computer services and applications are deployed and managed faster thanks to the VRealize Automation tool.

private cloud automation

What to expect with the vRealize Automation

Having an automated and on-demand cloud infrastructure offers the following capabilities:

To start with, it can be personalized to suit the unique needs of the organization. vRealize automation doesn’t require administrators to change their organizational processes or policies. It comes with the flexibility to customize it depending on the organization’s policies, processes and service levels.

Additionally, this solution is proven to help administrators in very demanding environments. It is proven effective in the management of private and hybrid cloud services.

vRealize Automation can also help to avoid duplication of work by considering reusable components and making sure deployment is streamlined to ensure business continuity.

Using this solution, IT personnel can quickly enable or adapt their cloud to perform optimally regardless of the IT infrastructure in place. This helps to eliminate the cost of migrating to a new service provider.

Key Features of vRealize Automation

Personalized self-service experience

VMware promises to accelerate IT service delivery through automation. This solution ensures delivery of a complete service catalog which includes the infrastructure applications and other custom services that may be needed by the business.

Can be deployed across multiple vendors and infrastructure

With vRealize Automation, there is no need to change vendors or cloud infrastructure. This solution can be deployed with your current or future technologies. This means that your organization benefits from the flexibility to choose any cloud service platform or location that meets its needs.

Easy to use interface

The vRealize Automation solution comes with easy to use interface that has drag and drop features which allows you to make applications from pre-built components. You can easily model applications and come up with standard configurations saving time in deployment.

Automation of custom IT service delivery

vRealize Automation facilitates the delivery of custom IT services to different end users. Key features such as XaaS, approvals and chargebacks makes it simple to create customized services that suit your business and ensure they are delivered to the right users.

What to expect with the vRealize Automation

Having an automated and on-demand cloud infrastructure offers the following capabilities:

Enhances agility
vRealize allows automation of IT service delivery. This means that different components including applications, desktops and custom services can be delivered to respond immediately to the organization’s needs.

Easy to customize
This solution also offers the opportunity to deploy principles and standards that are relevant for the business. Resources are optimized depending on the service level.

Provides greater flexibility
vRealize Automation allows businesses to continue with their current and future technologies hence protects their investments and avoids additional expenses.

Enhances efficiency
vRealize ultimately helps to boost business efficiency while generating significant cost savings.


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