Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud

When an organization chooses to migrate some or all its applications to the cloud, there are three main forms of cloud computing to choose from – public, private and hybrid clouds. It is very important to understand these different levels to select one that suits your business needs. So, which cloud solution is right for your business?

hybrid cloud
A few questions that you need to ask yourself prior to choosing a cloud solution that is ideal for your organization include:
What are your current usage patterns ?
What applications would you like to move to the cloud?
What service level would you require?
Are there any regulatory issues you need to consider?
Let’s look at these 3 forms of cloud computing in detail.

Public cloud

A public cloud is a shared IT environment that is owned by a third-party vendor. If you have a small or medium sized business, chances are that you would opt for a public cloud because it’s more cost-effective and you can also deploy IT resources really fast. The reason why public cloud solutions are cheaper is because the same IT resources are availed to many users which spreads the cost across a number of people. Additionally, you can pay for the cloud solution when you use it and scale it up or down depending on your business demands.

Private cloud

If you would like a cloud solution that is dedicated to only your organization, opt for the private cloud. This solution can either be hosted by the service provider at their own data center or you can choose to host it within your property. Private clouds are often preferred by large scale organizations because they are more efficient, scalable and agile compared to public clouds. Additionally, your data is more secure and you have more control if it’s hosted on a private cloud. If your organization has strict regulation obligations, investing in private cloud solutions is key. You are also able to customize this kind of environment to suit your unique IT requirements.

Hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud solutions provide the best features of the private and public clouds. You can combine a private cloud solution and public cloud in order to get the best of both and maximize on efficiency while reducing risks. For instance, you may decide to integrate public cloud solutions to handle some of the non-sensitive operations. If you have sensitive business operations, you can choose to use the private cloud. The idea is to end up with a cloud computing solution that is not only flexible but also cost-effective and scalable.

Cloud computing solutions evolve overtime. Should you choose a hybrid environment, it is important to perform regular testing and monitoring to reveal loopholes that could lead to potential losses. The team that integrates both the public and private cloud needs to be highly experienced and skilled to help you maximize the benefits of both solutions. At Yataghan, we can help you discover which cloud solution is right for you.


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